Emotional Brain Training- The Solution Method

As a certified EBT Master Trainer, I’ve had over 15 years experience in one of the most effective body-mind-spirit-lifestyle programs in the country. Developed at UCSF, and named one the top medical advances of the year, Emotional Brain Training is an enormously effective method to re-train neural pathways and change from the inside out.


Although our brains have wonderful mechanisms for healing, difficult memories, traumas, or experiences can get “stuck” in our memory and create unnecessary pain. Our development can be impacted. EMDR is a well-researched method of reprocessing difficult memories to release negative feelings and images and bring about acceptance and peace. I am a Level 1 certified EMDR therapist.

Couples Communication

Every relationship has challenges.  Learning basic tools to help you communicate feelings and needs and get the support you need can turn a dull or disconnected relationship into one that is vibrant and loving.

Energy medicine

Every person has an energy field, and sometimes our fields and internal energy systems can be depleted or disturbed by life experiences. My training in energy medicine can help you feel greater vibrancy and restore you, body, mind and spirit.

Adapted meditative practices

As a committed student of meditation and other spiritual practices I have learned many techniques that can be adapted to our busy lives. Come learn simple, quick methods of deepening your connection to yourself, your spiritual source, and feel the pleasures of sacred time.

Intuitive sciences

For those who may be interested, I can give you support in making peace with the passing of someone dear to you using intuitive resources. Please call me if this is something you would like to learn more about.