If you...

  • Find yourself overly busy and stressed
  • Don’t have time for friends and family
  • Crave fast food or sugary fatty stuff
  • End up numbing out with t.v. and internet

…then this simple 7 day mini-course is for you!


Why? Because chances are your body and your brain have become “dysregulated”. Biologically, we are designed for tribal closeness and periodic physical stress, but these days we end up feeling isolated and struggling with chronic emotional stress.

We can be left feeling numb, anxious, lonely, craving, overeating, overdrinking, overspending, with insomnia, not feeling much joy or love, depleted, overwhelmed, uncertain, off track, angry, and seeking, seeking, seeking.

Here’s to your Joy!



What are we seeking?

It’s simple: More peace. More balance. More joy.

And that’s what this mini-course is all about. 7 days of mini-tools to help you bring more vibrancy and well-being to your life.

Nothing fancy. Nothing you have to do but carve out about ten minutes a day to practice. For $17, you will receive 7 emails in your inbox, one email every 3 days, with information and audio files to help you practice.

Each of these techniques is backed up by research showing its positive effect on our brains and bodies.

Just a few simple practices, ten minutes a day.  You are worth it!

I received Day 7 on Sunday and was awaken again by Judy’s amazing words, lessons and warmth, realizing that I had been ‘mindlessly reacting to my world around me.’ With 7 Days to Joy and Safety I have received a lot more than 7 days of joy. I thought when I signed up for 7 Days of Joy and Safety it only meant seven days. Much to my surprise, each time a day came, there was much more to be experienced. Each time I read Judy’s words, it challenged my own path, joy, peace and love fell my way. I know I will continue to use these over and over. They have not only given me joy but also hope. I can’t thank you enough.
It is my honor to share the benefits I have received from Judy’s coaching and mini courses. Judy’s knowledge of neuroscience, mindfulness, and many other techniques has given me some of the richest resources that have supported my emotional health. Her ability to create a safe and loving environment invited me to reach deeply inside myself for greater clarity. I love how Judy continues to bring the best to the table which makes me feel secure with her ability to support me. I truly love this woman and I am grateful that our paths have come together this lifetime. Judy is a healer of the human soul and spirit. I would not hesitate to recommend her in any of her endeavors.
Dorianna Shrader, Ph.D.
Judy’s course, 7 Days to Joy and Safety is amazing! She has this natural ability to zero in on the important issues and focus on what’s really important. I’ve uncovered things about my emotional brain that I was unaware of but were driving my reactions and my relationships. Her coaching and practices give perspective to my life and allow me to take responsibility and action. I would highly recommend Judy and her 7 day mini-course. She is the best coach I have ever worked with!

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