I am immensely grateful for the work I have done with Judy, work that has improved my life considerably in just the first 18 months of working with her! I have been struggling with low self-esteem and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors my entire life. For the longest time, I truly felt that something was inherently wrong with me and that the potential I imagined for myself was purely wishful thinking. That belief has shifted dramatically since working with Judy.

Judy lends endless compassion as a counselor, beautifully guiding a process of self-understanding that leads to healthier ways of being, a return to Self and vibrancy. In addition to her incredible spirit and support, Judy utilizes a wealth of tools in the process, tools that absolutely empower and shift thoughts and behavior. I am always amazed by her gift to support the process with just the right tools. With these personalized tools and her accessibility, Judy is devoted to providing support between sessions, which is so essential to the process.

It is remarkable how much better my coping skills are, how successful I have become at challenging those low thoughts that have crippled me for so long, and how much healthier I am as an individual and in relationships. I never imagined having such understanding and support in my life and thanks to Judy, I am starting to realize my potential while discovering a sense of well-being that I’ve never before known.

B. H.
My EBT work with Judy was and continues to be the most powerful force for positive change in my life that I have ever experienced. The skills I learned are ones I use daily to live my life more fully, joyfully and abundantly.
M. C.
I have felt so fortunate and grateful to be able to work with Judy. If there is anyone with a bigger heart, I would like to meet them! In her caring way, she skillfully guides, nudges, and cajoles me to go deeper in my own work. Her groups have been an amazing experience for me — enjoyable, helpful, inspiring.
R. P.
I just wanted to tell you what a difference you have made in the lives of 2 of our children. and thank you, from me, not them or for them, but because it is delightful when one’s kids are feeling better, feeling empowered, feeling they have a choice, feeling joy.
A. S.
I am so grateful for these skills. I only wish I’d learned them 20 years ago! And I couldn’t imagine a more nurturing and skillful teacher than Judy Zehr.
K. B.
Wired for Joy has exceeded my expectations. I got skills that make sense and that I am continuing to feel. And I love you Judy Zehr! As I think about how my life was 4 years ago when I met you, I have to feel grateful. You are spirited and gifted. I thank you for your guidance. People are seeing a difference in me (including me – I’ve lost 9 lbs in the last 4 weeks and my goal is 30), and they are commenting on my spirit.
S. J.
I feel grateful for the work I did with Judy. The self-discovery work I did has given my life deeper meaning and more joy.
M. W.
Working with Judy has really helped me to grow up and stop hiding! I learned that I am just as valuable as anyone else. I’m not broken.” Hurray, I thought I was and now I know its not true. “Most important I learned that my needs really matter! In fact, now when I don’t honor my needs, I’m very conscious of it and I realize what I need to do to take care of myself.
M. T.
I found more than I was really looking for when working with you and The Solution. It was my first experience with counseling and I was a little apprehensive. The Solution work really gave me a good solid foundation for challenging the learned, emotional patterns that have been built up over 30+ years of life. It gave be a foundation for being truly comfortable with myself and exploring the way I perceive the world around me. I also must credit a good deal of my solution success directly to you and your attention to providing a safe and comfortable environment for solution work.
G. C.
Judy combines warmth, compassion, and genuine kindness with an ability to challenge me to think more clearly about my emotional life and take action to get me closer to my personal goals. She’s great both in a group setting and individually. I feel as if I’ve found a leader who is the best!
K. G.